The Author

I’m Jess Simms, Pittsburgh resident, self-proclaimed geek, and introvert extraordinaire. I’m a freelance ghostwriter, which is a cool job though not as exciting as the name suggests. I also edit and proofread, which is a nice outlet for my need to correct others’ grammar and my obsession with detail (Virgos ftw!) and I write fiction, mostly in the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror realms. I have weirdly strong opinions on the use of the term “genre.” My most recent publication is McBurglar and the Man O’War, a serialized novella available through Novella-T.

I’m a member of the Rahnd Table writing group and a co-founder of the Haven, which runs a reading series and workshops here in Pittsburgh. Click on over to our blog for more info about the Haven, or you can follow us on twitter, @havenpgh (and if you’re looking for me in the Twittosphere, it’s @jrsimms29).



One thought on “The Author

  1. Hi Jessica its Robert Parrish Used Oil Service ( Bad Blood ) getting published soon would like to include your name and or website in there somewhere if they will let me. if you would like that let me know. Thanks sounds like your doing well i sure hope so.

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